7 How To Clean Dull Ceramic

Not a pleasant feeling if a simple minimalist house beautiful in broken tiled floors with views of the dullness. Besides benefits and disadvantages of ceramic floor, material that is included in one of the ingredients in building a House is most widely used in various types of residence because the prices are affordable and have a look interesting. However, ceramic is used for too long will become dull. Why is this so? This could have been triggered by the dirt that settles because not long ago cleared or because Your floor cleaning is not really clean evenly.

The dirt is then hardened over time to cover the surface of the ceramics. With this condition, the ceramic will is threatened prone scratched and easily damaged. But don't worry! There are some simple steps you can take to resolve it. Want to know? Here is how to clean a ceramic tile dull. Check out!

How To Clean Dull Ceramic

How to clean ceramic dull can be done by using natural ingredients. The following are his ways, namely:

1. Eliminate the dullness with baking soda

In fact in the market has been selling various kinds of ceramic cleaners to tackle dull stains. However, sometimes these types of cleansers that contain acidic substances even if not too much. Acid substance is allowed to damage the lining of the ceramics which slowly eroded so that the matte back. Although on the other hand, the relative acid substances faster clean up smudges sticking like dull on tiled floors. How to clean it up fairly easy. Mix baking soda with white toothpaste, then use a wet cloth and use the mixture to wipe the surface of the ceramics. Do it slowly and thoroughly then slowly dull stains will disappear.

2. Eliminate dullness with vinegar

A solution of vinegar can also help remove stains dull on ceramics. The trick is to pour vinegar solution on the area of the floor dull. After that, let sit and wait for about 15 minutes. When it is finished, use a dry cloth and rub the stain floor surface dullness disappear. The final stage of cleanup you can add fragrances to rinse the floor so that the aroma of vinegar disappeared.

3. Remove dull because oil stains

Did you know that the stain of oil or oil that doesn't immediately rinse when about ceramic floor tile can trigger the floor dull stains? If this has happened, you must not stay silent. Wash with clean water or other floor cleaners sometimes can still retain their slick and used oil. If it is like this, you can use sprinkles flour on the floor and let the flour absorb the oil. Afterwards, clean with a dry rag and use rinse again using floor deodorizer.

4. Eliminate dullness with liquid cleanser

The cleaning fluid is very practical and easy in May. You can use various types of floor cleaners are trusted to clean ceramic. These cleaners are usually formulated for removing various stains that are attached to the floor, like a dull stain, crust and a variety of other stains. Simply mix with water and wipe the floor using the fluid. Do regularly for maximum results.

5. Eliminate dullness with chlorine

Ceramic flooring is not only used for space-the main hall as the living room and the family room, but also commonly used in the bathroom. To remove stains dull ceramic in bathroom floor, you can use chlorine as an alternative. The trick is to sow the chlorine powder on the ceramic is dirty. After that, leave on for half an hour, and you can then rinse using clean water. If it turns out the dull stain is still attached, you can help remove by rubbing the floor with a brush.

6. Eliminate dullness with lemon

Such type of fruity lemon was also able to dull stain used to clean ceramic. Because the lemon contained citric acid that can be used to help remove stains on the surface of the floor, like a dull stain.

7. Eliminate dullness with own material

In removing the stain matte ceramic, you can also use your savory ingredients. I.e. by mixing hot water to taste with regular dish SOAP. The brand of dish SOAP can vary and there is no special provisions. This way you can clean the floor with a way to wipe the surfaces dull. Don't forget in rinse again after you finish cleaning.

How to clean ceramic dull can be done with a variety of materials, contained on your creativity. With this wide range of minimalist design house you will not experience the problem again. Elegant home paint colors you'll be increasingly prominent with a shiny tiled floor. So, good luck!

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