Know The 10 Types Of Plants To The Roof Garden

The roof garden or the garden above the roof of the languid used on other types of housing that has the problem of limited land. The Park is very different from the usual home grounds in General. Above the roof garden has a different installation technical point as well as the selection of plants that are not indiscriminate. There are criteria that need to be accomplished prior to determine the type of plants that you will use. Here are the things you need to consider when wishing to choose a roof garden plants:

• The plant must have good durability against exposure to direct sunlight. Because of its position that high cause the intensity of the Sun that come much higher.

• Avoid the use of plants that have roots hitting down as Palm plants. However, choose plants that tend to grow more slowly.

• For maximum results, you need to choose the type of flowering plants ardent.

• In order for the plant looks lush and dense, use plants that have branching a lot.

• Use media qualified plant and good for the types of plants you use.

Application of roof garden is very flexible because it can adjust with the type of home concepts that are used. Starting from the concept of modern architecture, modern house design Europe, the Scandinavian house model and so on. The following are some types of plants to the roof garden that you can use, including:

1. Cactus

The first type of plants that you can use is a cactus. In addition, there are many benefits of a cactus, a cactus plant family cactaceae or is capable of living in a relatively long under hot environment with dry land. How to grow a cactus mini is also very easy and simple. It's no wonder the Cactus is found as the plant home. You need to put your cactus in places that are not too shot the Sun as how to care for cactus. If gradually Cactus undergoes decay, you can read how to fix rotting Cactus way to solve it.

2. Cambodia Japan

Adenium plants or commonly called by Cambodia Japan flowering is very easy. As an ornamental plant, this type of plant can survive in soil conditions that lack water. Because the original habitats of plant this is Japan Cambodia desert. However, for the treatment of Cambodia Japan still need sufficient water supply.

3. Roses

Who doesn't love roses? In fact these flowers you can use as one of the types of plants to the roof garden. Rose also has an interesting color variant which can be prominent among Your elegant House paint colors. In order for the rose petals, you need to provide enough nutrients in the form of natural fertilizer or manure from animal waste.

4. Jasmine

The flowers known as had taken the chastity is also very suitable adorn Your roof garden. It evokes the typical aroma is suitable as an ornamental plant. The jasmine plant is also classified as shrubs suited to cool Your roof garden. This plant is very popular to use, so the cultivation of jasmine plant an awful lot done.

5. Bougenville

Paper flowers or more commonly known as the flower of the plant Bougenville is not in need of special care. These flowers are sometimes commonly used plants bonsai. How to care for bonsai plants and any similar floor 8. Types and colors, owned by Bougenville also varied, ranging from red, purple, white and many more.

6. Orange

Plant a citrus plant needs to be balanced with rainfall in the environment where you live. Basically, the citrus plant requires rainfall around 5 to 9 not to let the water supply needs are met properly. Land for growing citrus crops should not obstruct the sunlight came, making the roof is proper planting location.

7. Tongue-in-law

Tongue-in-law plant is very commonly used as an ornamental plant. This plant has a relatively creep growth range, it is suitable with the criteria of the plant you need. The tongue-in-law has a distinctive green and yellow striped warrants as well as white. Mother-in-law Tongue plant can also be used as an ornamental plant for the balcony.

8. Lily paris

Lily Paris belongs into the ornamental plants flowers shrubs. Lily Paris has leaf tips are green with white long-stemmed flowers can grow among the leaves and shoots.

9. Pandanus

Pandanus is a type of plant that are not preferred because the scent flies thereof. It was rarely used as a deodorizer Pandanus assortment of food home. This plant can be grown in the tropics. If your home is often visited by flies, you can use how to repel flies with Pandanus leaves naturally.

10. Hibiscus

Types of plants to the roof garden is the Hibiscus. Plants originating from East Asia is considered the plant shrubs or bushes. Its distinctive and unique can be an interesting variation on the roof garden of yours.

That's some kind of roof garden plants that you can use. Good luck!

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