Learn About The 5 Functions Of The Bathroom And Kind

The bathroom is one of the vital elements and the absolute in a House. That is, the existence of a bathroom is very important and required in each building of the House. Just imagine if the House doesn't have a bathroom. It's almost impossible not to!

Yup, no matter what form of home building, the existence of absolute bathroom there.

Thus, the size of a standard room bathroom?

Generally, bathroom-size 1, 5 m x 2 m. However, this size needs to be tailored to the needs of the homeowner. For example, when in need of a bath or vanity in the bathroom, then the space of the bathroom needs to be expanded.

In addition to size, some other requirements that must be observed in a bathroom, namely ventilation and lighting.

After discussing the requirements of a good bathroom, Let's refer to the definition of the bathroom itself. The bathroom is defined as a small space both inside or outside the House that serves as a place of cleansing the body.

However, the definition of the bathroom is increasingly growing. At present, the bathroom is often merged with the toilet. This is legitimate only, in order to save on the use of a room in the House. Even some bathrooms are equipped with bathtub, sink and several supporting means, such as mirrors and dressers.

Thus, the definition of the development of the bathroom above then the overall bathroom serves as space place doing 5 activities at once, namely:
  1. Bath/dip
  2. Waste water
  3. Wash the face
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Self Cosmetic
Now, after knowing the definition and function of a bathroom, you also know what kind of bathroom. What's it?
  • Wet Bathroom
The first bathroom types, namely the bathroom wet. Why is it called the bathroom wet?

This is because all areas of the bathroom can be irrigated water. Well, the type of bathroom is very suitable for those who have limited bathroom space.

Because, the type of bathroom wet wall do not require additional separator between bathroom areas and waste water. So the land needed for the bathroom wet can be minimized.
  • Dried Half Bathroom
The next bathroom types, namely bathroom half dry. For those of you who have a broader space of the bathroom wet, dried half bathroom type is perfect for you. What's his excuse?

This is because this type of bathroom needs a sufficient distance between the shower area and the waste of water. Do not let the water from the shower wetting areas other areas that are in the bathroom.

Well, for these bathroom types, you need not bother to put up a wall of separation between bathing areas and waste water. The curtains or the like is sufficient.
  • Dry The Bathroom
The third bathroom types, namely bathroom dry. Types of bathroom is not wearing a tub of bath water on the area of shelter, but instead use the bathtub for soaking. Thus, the entire bathroom area will always be dry.

Dry bathroom is very suitable for you who have a bathroom area. Because the bathroom area, as well as waste water created separately. In addition, there are extra spaces, such as the shower room to rinse and clean the body.

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