Tips On Decorating A Living Room With A Minimal Budget

Seringkali Rumah membutuhkan satu ruang ekstra yang terpisah dari ruang tamu yang merupakan ruang keluarga. Tapi tren sekarang di tempat tinggal, membuat banyak mengikuti desain ruang terbuka dengan menyatukan seluruh ruang dapur ke ruang tamu.

Sama dengan ruang-ruang lain, menghias ruang tamu juga memiliki tantangan terutama dalam hal anggaran. Karena tidak ditolak, untuk mendekorasi satu kamar saja sudah pasti membutuhkan sedikit biaya yang tidak perlu.

Tapi jangan khawatir, semua itu bisa diatasi jika Anda bisa mengikuti tips menghias ruang dengan dana terbatas:

Mulai dari Cat tembok

Dalam menciptakan ilusi ruangan dari mana tampilan yang sempit menjadi lebih luas, Anda hanya perlu mengganti ruang cat. Warna yang dipilih harus lebih terang karena bisa menciptakan ilusi ruang lebih ceria dan luas.

Well, for a suitable color for Your living room can use some color examples below:

• White

The color white is indeed already widely used in any wall houses. This color is actually the basis of all color and fit in the narrow living room. The walls are stained white paint it will reflect light and make the room brighter and will bring the atmosphere of the open. One of the advantages of this white paint color is able to freely decorate walls with wallpaper, stickers even painting.

• Beige

Cream-colored also includes one color could be the choice for Your living room. This color can add a warm impression in any room. Especially if plus textured wood decoration, in addition to add to the aesthetic beauty of the well of your room will look spacious.

• Color Blue Green

These two colors can also have its own magic to hypnotize the homeowner. a mix of two colors which look a bit dark but worth a look this can change the look of Your living room into a more comfortable and natural. In addition the illusions shown will make the room look narrow became widespread.

Add a cushion for a new look to your living room

The selection of the right pillow can make you feel the comfort of relaxing with the family. Select pillow gentleness and composition of colours and motifs which gives a atmosphere fits your personal style.

Now it has many variations of a unique and inexpensive pillows as cushions seats where the shape is much like the seats and is suitable for sitting in your home.

The Size Of The Furniture

It has the dimension of the space is limited, certainly be important things to note really, let alone in the selection of furniture that is suitable for the size of the family room.

Select furniture that have various functions so that if there are often guests stay and you don't have a guest room you can use these spaces. For example, you can buy a small sofa which can be withdrawn so the bed or is usually called a sofa bed.

Another alternative for example table that can be folded so if are not required can be folded back. Indeed, for those who have limited space it required creativity is high and should be practical.

Avoid the number of seats that many

Buy a seat in excess is very effective and also not too packed the place. Use the 2-3 chair with a minimalist measure just to sweeten your room.

Model a chair which can be used any time as diverse as Chair retro yet still elegant.

Well, there is one more seat model that is suitable for your family that is the model paris chair. The model of this one You can rest comfortably and securely because the backrest for the hand is made of natural wood is strong and balance the load by gravity.

For a cheaper price than the other bench. So you can save most of your budget.

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